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World of Jazz Festival

The World of Jazz Festival is the annual signature event for B-Jazzed, 

hosting more than 100 musicians performing over two days, in Downtown Brampton.


The definition of jazz is substantially different from its inception,

and its disciplines in our present times are broad and evolving

due to the global dissemination of the art form,

as well as the cultural and socio-economic influences it has inherited

in different parts of the world.


It is ensembles who reflect these influences that are featured annually at the festival.


The World of Jazz Festival extends an opportunity for local students, hobbyists,

and professional musicians to perform across its various stages,

and has featured Canadian and international jazz luminaries,

such as Michael Kaeshammer, and the Count Basie Orchestra.


Annually, the festival is supported by more than 20 sponsors,

as well as a grant from the City of Brampton.



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