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     On the surface Envirodrum is a percussion group comprised of professional musicians who have a passion for music and an eye for engaging performance. Things get interesting when the group takes their love of music and couples it with a passion for preserving the environment.

     The founder of the group, Jeff Salem, is a professional percussionist from Toronto, Canada. Jeff yearned to spread environmental awareness in his community and felt strongly that if he appealed to the young generation, he could start a grassroots movement. His way of spreading that awareness was simple: percussion.

     Each Envirodrum show has many interactive and entertaining moments wherein the group performs different styles of percussive music. This show gets the audience to participate in drumming similar to a drum circle setting.  Envirodrum uses strictly recyclable products as percussion instruments. These include: plastic, metal, glass, wood and paper products.

     Envirodrum was formed in 2009 and has performed at more than 500 schools, festivals, and at private shows for corporate companies for audiences of ALL ages. There are currently two divisions of Envirodrum: Envirodrum Toronto (Canada) and Envirodrum Maryland (USA).                           

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