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     Hailing from the Humber College Community Music program, the Dean Veneruz Group is an up-and-coming jazz group specializing in hard-hitting modal post-bop tunes from composers such as Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter, as well as innovating and exciting original compositions. The group has performed and recorded at Humber College, The Rex, and Ottawa’s National Arts Centre.

     The quartet consists of the talented young musicians Joel Bracken on tenor saxophone, Dean Veneruz on vibraphone, Nate Ward on drums, and Sam Fitzpatrick on bass. The Dean Veneruz Group formed in November of 2018 to compete at MusicFest Canada 2019. In February 2019, the quartet was awarded gold at Next Gen Music Festival with an invitation to MusicFest Nationals in Ottawa, where they were awarded gold with honours. The group continues to play together both in and outside of Humber, exploring the horizons of improvised music and pushing each other towards great artistic achievement.



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