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     Based in Toronto, the Aguda Collective is made up of current students and graduates from the University of Toronto, Humber College and York University. The collective blends beautiful, interesting melodies with intricate, soulful solos and features original material written by trombonist Vonne Aguda. Using their individual voices, the members of the Aguda Collective craft a unique soundscape that communicates truth, emotion, and above all else, good music.

     Vonne Aguda is a fresh, up-and-coming trombonist on the Toronto music scene. A past member of the Ottawa Jazz Youth Summit 2017 and recipient of the JAZZ FM scholarship, he can be seen playing Trombone at venues all over Toronto. He pulls from his love of jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop and RnB to help him cultivate his unique musical voice. From playing jazz bars to hitting the hottest RnB/Hip-hop jams in Toronto to recording over independently-produced beats, he has a wide range of experience in a variety of styles.

     He is also an accomplished arranger and composer; having written charts for a variety of bands such as jazz quartets, brass quintets, 12tets and big bands. His original composition and arrangement 'Embargo' is featured on the University of Toronto's most recent studio big-band recording, where he is also a featured soloist.



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